5 vs 5 Free Agent Team Builder

Reckoning Day 2018 The 5 Vs 5 Duals The Revolution Begins

Come be apart of History in the making in Waterloo Iowa at Cedar Valley SportsPlex

                                          Launch Date Saturday March 10th, 2018

Come be a part of History in the making in Waterloo Iowa at Cedar Valley SportsPlex

                                       PIN TECH Events Presents Reckoning Day 2018

                                                                  5 VS 5 Dual's

                                                           The Revolution Begins

We will accept only the first 16 Paid “5 Man Teams only” in each division & weight category

PIN TECH Events now offers our own solution to the madness, the five man dual team.

The 5 Vs 5 dual is the solution for our sport desperately needs to help evolve the sport itself.

Whether you are a parent or a coach our solution 5 Vs 5 lessens the work load typically associated with building a team.

It's truly quite simple we have broken down a simplified format

Where all you need is to round up is a minimum of 5 guys to compete

 We make the process simple for anyone to build a team

The Concept of the 5 VS 5 Dual's was born from parents and coaches alike whom have struggled to build full dual teams.

                 As most know our sport has not evolved much in terms of format.

The industry is using a 70's format and trying to apply that to youth which in all reality does not work, yet the industry continues to try and force a square peg in holes so to speak which doesn't work.

The facts are many coaches and parents have invested countless hours trying to build Youth teams

As we have all experienced it’s difficult to get 15 Parents on board to invest the money to travel across the country.

The 5 Vs 5 format creates an exciting atmosphere with 4 guys on both sides which should fire up the energy levels in athletes as well as spectators.

Ultimately this hybrid format takes things to the next level of competition and generates excitement that has been missing from our sport from the spectator prospective as well as the athlete

we believe our concept will help build camaraderie between the athletes and make for a thrilling atmosphere with 4 guys on each side of the mats will be cheering on their team mates on both sides which will fire up the energy on both sides taking things to the next level of competition and creating an awesome spectator event too

we believe our solution will naturally build up unique rivalries for showdowns in the future where kids will be fired up

Lastly our concept will also eliminate time spent where we typically wait around over an hour for one dual to complete

We have developed our solution to streamline the process and run 15-20 minutes average dual completion time for an entire round.

If intriguing high energy filled environment is what you seek with tons of matches in the process.

then it’s time to take the challenge and have your wrestlers step to the line...

  Join in the revolution that is sweeping the nation 5 vs 5 Dual’s

The first bracket will be pool play with up to 5 Dual's per team which will be 1.0,
We will accept a maximum of sixteen "5 Man Teams" per division.
Depending on total number of teams they will split into two pools.
The top 4 teams in each pool will cross over to a gold pool.
Gold Pool championship rounds are set at 1.5,1.5,1.5

How to get started

#1) Simply pick a division and weight category for your 5 Man team

Team Fees- $200.00 

youth division and weights offered

flyweight thru heavyweight divisions are based on k-8

in the k-8 divisions 15 year old 8th graders are ineligible to compete

flyweight - 40,43,46,50,55

featherweight - 50,55,60,65,70

welterweight - 65,70,75,80,85

middleweight - 80,85,90,95,100

cruiser weight - 95,100,105,110,120

heavyweight - 110,120,140,160, Hwt max 170

HS weight & divisions offered  -  9 - 10th - 106 - 113 -120- 125 - 130 , 9-10th - 135,140 - 145, 152, 160

We have secured blocks of rooms under code PIN TECH

 Hampton Inn Waterloo 2034 La Porte Rd Waterloo Iowa 50702 $109.00

Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo 777 Isle of Capri Blvd Waterloo Iowa 50701 $149.00

Book Hampton Inn Waterloo

  • 830 AM First session start time K-5th Lower weight teams
  • 8:30 AM First session start time K-5th Middle Weight teams   
  • 9 :30 AM First session start time Junior Division Lower weight teams
  • 9:30 AM First Session start time Junior Division Middle weight teams
  • HS Division 9-10th First Session Start Time 12 PM   

Weigh Ins

Team & Individual Friday March 9th 5-7 P.M. Hampton Inn Waterloo 2034 La Porte Rd Waterloo Iowa 50702

Saturday Weigh Ins on site at Cedar Valley SportsPlex Waterloo Iowa 6 am-7 am

Call to register your team   (954)-326-0638